More’s third pillar. Everything the organization accomplishes is through the service of its volunteers.

MORE grew from the simple desire of its members to ride bikes. But MORE continues to flourish from the efforts, sweat, and strength of the people that give their time to ensure all mountain bikers in our region have places to ride.

MORE members serve in many ways. They give their time to organize events. They lead beginners on rides across a vast network of trails built and maintained by MORE volunteers. They serve the community by educating other trail users and land managers about the sport of mountain biking. MORE’s volunteers partner with other groups to ensure natural spaces are preserved for the enjoyment of all. MORE members collectively serve to keep our thriving community of riders engaged and informed about the future of our sport.

Through service, each and everyone of us leads by example and ultimately work towards mentoring the next generation of riders that will keep our efforts flourishing and the spirit of our sport alive.